Established in 2015, the Coral Reef Project’s mission is to grow and care for the coral reefs in the local area. The project is jointly run by Vunabaka, Six Senses and Hauraki Adventures.
Regular snorkeling trips are made to replant and maintain the health of the coral in the area and a beautiful nursery can be found just off the beach. Guests are welcome to join the project and get hands on with the conservation work that is taking place here at Six Senses.
Help give back to the planet!

Reef Conservation Snorkel and Dives

Are you an experienced snorkeler or diver and want to participate, learn and have a great experience?

Activities vary depending on requirements and can include cleaning algae off the lines, checking and transplanting nursery coral, or recording species size and location for data analysis.

Diving or Snorkelling options are available and include a 10% donation to the Coral Reef Project.

Learn about Reef conservation in Fiji

Conservation and Ecology Seminars

Keep an eye out for the conservation and ecology seminars. Usually held in the evening once or twice a week, these will provide you with a wealth of knowledge about ocean conservation, our house reef project and the global marine environment.